‘Resident Evil Village’ Trauma Pack DLC Reveals Cut Game Content That Involved Ada Wong

So, Resident Evil Village. It’s out today. You can read our take, and you can go buy it. If you’re a big fan, you can spring for the Trauma Pack DLC that’s available in the Collector’s, Deluxe, and Complete Editions. Alongside the goodies in the DLC are production notes, and one of which reveals that a fan favourite character was originally going to be in Village, but was eventually cut.

IGN revealed that in ‘The Tragedy of Ethan Winters Artwork’, a gallery of artwork that’s part of the Trauma Pack DLC, there are a set of images showing concept designs for Ada Wong. However, in lieu of her iconic red dress, Ada is decked out in a Plague Doctor outfit reminiscent of something out of Bloodborne.

According to the accompanying description, early on in development, there were plans for a “mysterious masked person that saves Ethan.” It turns out that this was going to be Ada investigating the village. Ada was subsequently cut “due to a number of conflicting scenarios.”

Given how Village was already stuffed with personalities and plot, it’s understandable why Capcom chose to axe this one. However, one can always hope that Capcom would revisit the idea in the form of more DLC at some point.

Resident Evil Village is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, and PC via Steam.