‘Resident Evil’ Will Join ‘Dead By Daylight’ This Summer!

There was plenty of things to see at the Resident Evil Showcase, including several tributes to the series on reaching its 25th anniversary (we had some of our own last month by the way). One of those tributes comes in the form of a collaboration with one of the biggest modern horror games.

Dead By Daylight will feature a Resident Evil-flavored chapter later this year, with a first proper look at what that entails coming next month. The brief teaser didn’t tell us who the killer will be (and hot damn are there some great choices to be had!), nor who the survivor is (Jill please), but it did feature a hooked victim dropping an Umbrella charm to the ground.

The addition of a Resident Evil chapter of Behaviour’s Dead By Daylight means it will share a space with another classic horror game series in Silent Hill, which already received a chapter featuring Pyramid Head and Heather Mason.

Interestingly, Resi had dabbled in the 4vs1 multiplayer dynamic with Resident Evil Resistance just last year, but this is further evidence that it has been left behind like so many other attempts at Resi multiplayer.

The chapter is set to release in June, with a first look set for Dead By Daylight‘s 5th anniversary stream on May 25th.