Revealing ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Clips Sympathize with the King [Video]

The Monsterverse comes to a head in just under two weeks when Godzilla vs. Kong does battle in both theaters and on HBO Max.

While we’ve seen just under 3,200 posters for the film, Warner Bros. has been keeping a lid on other promotional items up until this week, when they not only dropped a huge batch of imagery, but also the following trio of clips.

It’s unclear how many spoilers the following footage contains, but it does reveal some pretty important information – first and foremost, we learn that the humans are using King Kong to fight one of their battles. “The Eighth Wonder of the World” is an enormous gorilla, so it’s not that surprising that he’s capable of communicating. He does so with a little girl who uses sign language to build a relationship with the “monster”, explaining to Rebecca Hall that he’s confused and doesn’t understand their motivation.

The second clip, “Kong and Jia”, carries a pretty massive spoiler, revealing that Kong is being contained within a fake/digital environment. It’s very reflective of real-life conspiracy theories.

The third, “Down with the Ship” is more action-packed, with Godzilla attacking and overturning a ship that carries an important package: King Kong.

The Adam Wingard-directed MonsterVerse epic will be roaring into theaters and IMAX on March 31st, and also onto HBO Max on the same day.