‘Silent Hill: Road of Guilt’ Trailer Takes You Back

With filming having wrapped a few weeks back, co-director Leigh Thorne dropped us a little goodie in the form of the official trailer for his and Ruben Abreu’s Silent Hill fan film, Silent Hill: Road of Guilt. Not only that, but Leigh states that the film’s release date is “locked down” for September 2021, which just so happens to be the 20th anniversary of Silent Hill 2.

“To think, this short film was put together with no budget and during a pandemic,” says Thorne. “It shows that if you find the right people and work as a team anything is possible.”

According to Thorne, the film has been getting positive buzz from a variety of sources, including the original James Sunderland, voice actor Guy Cihi! “The edit is looking fantastic and with the music from “Never Again”, things just keep falling into place,” says Thorne.

You can keep up with the updates on the film’s road through editing via the Road of Guilt Facebook page. The film will make its premiere on YouTube on Dax79’s channel, with co-directors Leigh Thorne and Ruben Abreu sticking around to field any questions from fans.

Road of Guilt sees James Sunderland (played by Matt Perkins) recovering an old set of therapy sessions between himself and Dr. Finch. James then heads to a ley line hotspot where a rift has potentially opened between our realm and the realm of Silent Hill in order to take care of some “unfinished business.”