“Skittles Shriekers” Coming This Halloween Season With Hidden Sour Skittles in Every Bag

A few years back, “Zombie Skittles” hit store shelves for Halloween, with candies tasting like “rotten zombie” randomly mixed into each bag. In other words, you didn’t know if you were about to taste the rainbow or, well, human flesh… until it was too late. A similar gimmick is being put to use this coming Halloween season with “Skittles Shriekers,” we’ve learned.

Once again, the spooky-themed bags of candy will be filled with both normal-tasting Skittles and unpleasant variants that are randomly inserted, in this case *super sour* Skittles.

The packaging promises, “Some are so SOUR they will make you SHRIEK!

The sour candies will look the same as the non-sour ones, so again you won’t know what you’re biting into until you start biting. Look for these in stores on the road to Halloween.

Thanks to Candy Hunting for the heads up!