Sony’s Upcoming Movies Will Be Going to Disney After the Netflix Window Closes

A big time deal was inked by Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment earlier this month, which will give Netflix exclusive streaming rights to Sony titles *after* theatrical and home entertainment releases. This pact begins next year, which kicks off with Sony’s release of the Jared Leto-starring Marvel vampire movie Morbius, currently dated for January 21, 2022.

The partnership will “provide Netflix with an 18-month exclusive window for Sony films,” and now we have more insight into what happens to Sony’s films after that window closes.

Deadline reports tonight that “Disney and Sony have reached a multi-year deal for the post-pay-1 release window, a pact that will make Spider-Man and other major franchises eligible to stream on Disney+ for the first time.”

Deadline further explains, “Theatrical releases from 2022 to 2026 will move to Disney after their runs on Netflix, which earlier this month announced a deal with Sony for a pay-1 exclusive as well as co-production rights to direct-to-streaming films.” It sounds like some titles will be hitting Disney+, while others will be heading to the Hulu platform and elsewhere.

Be sure to read Deadline’s full report for more insight into this “groundbreaking agreement.”