Stephen Silas’ Heartbreaking Press Conference After Rockets’ 20th Straight Loss

When Stephen Silas originally signed on to become the head coach of the Houston Rockets, they were a much different team. With James Harden, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, and P.J. Tucker, they had the potential to be among the top teams in the West.

Unfortunately, after Harden forced himself out, the franchise was left stumbling to find a replacement. After some early success by Wall and Cousins to keep the Rockets afloat, they fell — hard. With just just days before the trade deadline, the Rockets have lost 20 straight games, and sit 14th in the West.

Following his team’s most recent defeat, coach Silas broke the internet with his rather dejected and bleak talk with the media.

Obviously, Silas has a job most in the basketball community would kill for. He makes millions coaching one of the NBA’s most notorious and well-known franchises.

Of course, he didn’t necessarily sign up for this. His team stinks, bad. With management and ownership doing little to change the culture, and most of the players having already checked out, there’s little Silas can do to stop the bleeding.

At this point, you really can’t help but feel for the guy, and the sense of frustration and disappointment he must be feeling right now.

Hopefully, something good come sout of this for the Rockets.