Studying Addiction and Recovery In Stephen King’s Works [The Losers’ Club Podcast]

Stephen King has written all kinds of boogeymen over the years. The ones in the closet. The ones underneath our bed. The ones that lurk outside our homes. The ones from beyond. Very few, however, scare us more than the boogeymen that haunt from within our souls.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and The Losers’ Club is hitting the stacks to weigh in on addiction and recovery as portrayed in King’s Dominion. From Jack Torrance to Eddie Dean, Father Callahan to the Master of Horror himself, there is much to discuss.

Losers Randall Colburn, Jenn Adams, and Ana Marie Cox did their homework, too. For nearly two hours, the three reflect on their own experiences as they weave through an appendix that includes The Shining, Cujo, Misery, Needful Things, On Writing, and myriad short stories.

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