Taiwanese Video Game Adaptation ‘Detention’ Being Released by Dekanalog in October

Dekanalog has added the acclaimed Taiwanese festival favorite Detention to their slate this year, “with plans to release the award-winning film in theatres and virtual cinemas nationwide on October 8th.” From director John Hsu, the film is based on the 2017 video game.

Set in 1962 Taiwan during the White Terror martial law period, Detention tells the story of Fang Ray Shin (Golden horse Award nominee Gingle Wang), a female student at the hillside Greenwood High School and, attending counselling with teacher Mr. Chang (Meng-Po Fu), they gradually fall in love. It was a dangerous period where sensitive books were banned and free speech were restricted, but Mr. Chang has secretly organized a study group for banned books.

One day, Mr. Chang disappears without explanation, and only Ray-shin and her fellow student Chong-ting seem to remember that he ever existed. The two agree to work together to find their missing teacher, but soon find that their school is no longer the familiar world they remember. The building has become an alien land of ghosts and demons, and the two students will be forced to confront a terrible, secret truth if they hope to escape with their lives.

Jing-Hua Tseng and Cecilia Choi also star. Check out your first look above.