‘The Predator’: Breanna Watkins Reflects on the Alternate Endings That Allowed Her to Play Ellen Ripley & Newt

We learned in the wake of The Predator‘s release that one crazy alternate ending that was actually filmed by Shane Black featured the arrival of Ellen Ripley as the “Predator Killer,” though the character was not actually played by Sigourney Weaver. And another ending vastly different from the one we got was also filmed, that one featuring Newt from Aliens.

Actress/stuntwoman Breanna Watkins played both Ellen Ripley and Newt for those unused scenes, which have still never seen the light of day. Instead, of course, the “Predator Killer” was not a character from the Alien franchise at all but rather an Iron Man-like suit that Boyd Holbrook‘s character was going to wear in the sequel that’s never going to happen.

Speaking with AvP Galaxy this week, Watkins reflects on what almost was.

“I was brought into a meeting where Shane Black and some of the producers explained to me that the plan was to shoot multiple endings as options, two of which involved me,” Watkins recalls. “A whole backstory was explained to me for each of my two endings. However I believe that the franchise owners may still want to have the option to use those backstories so I shouldn’t really go into specifics of what I was told, but I can say that time travel, cloning and genetic enhancement was involved. The backstory did vary depending on which ending they were going to use.”

Watkins continues, “But the backstory given to me did go quite deep into explaining how and why these characters could turn up at the end of The Predator, specifically due to events happening in the future.” She notes later on in the interview, “They filmed me full on with my face as Rebecca Jorden [“Newt”], and there was some discussion about the future potential of the character to be continued in other crossover movies, along with my possible involvement with that if they decided to go with that ending.”

Read the full interview on AvP Galaxy for more insights and even behind the scenes photos!

Obviously, both the Newt and Ripley alternate endings suggest that Fox wanted to create a new Alien/Predator shared universe, an idea entirely left on the cutting room floor.