The secret to getting cheap video games and console: just wait

PS4 Pro – considerably cheaper now than it was at launch (pic: Sony)

A reader advises patience when trying to join the next generation and reveal the one weird trick that got him a PS4 Pro for £170.

It was with interest and amusement I read Leander’s Reader’s Feature, about why he sold his PlayStation 5 to get an Xbox Series X.

It reminded me of something that never occurs to fellow gamers to own, despite often owning dozens of games and consoles: patience.

The reader, although he makes excellent points, doesn’t seem to realise that he doesn’t have to pay £70 for games when they are new. He could easily just wait and get them on sale. He cites this and Xbox Game Pass as a reason to basically give up on Sony’s PlayStation platform, which is odd.

I think this might be part of why gamers riot and/or pay scalpers well over the odds for the newest gen consoles; they don’t have the self-control to be patient and save themselves not just money but also a lot of grief, too. They just have to have all the newest things yesterday.

I mean, if you really want to consider that you might also see why publishers end up rushing unfinished games to market – shareholders see gamers clamouring for an unfinished project and decide to release it to capitalise on the profit, not thinking about the long-term consequences of the bad press later.

I’m not trying to be rude or to offend, as much as some people who’d read these kinds of observations might think. I’m just saying that in times where times are tight, and console generations are changing over, it might actually work out better to be a little behind the curve.

Case in point: over the past few months I have been very eagle-eyed on Gumtree and have managed to pick up a PS4 Pro for £170 (they were £429 before they were discontinued) and an Xbox One X for £200.

I also managed to sell my PS4 Slim and a bunch of games I don’t play any more for £170, recouping some of my expenses and allowing a very happy young gamer to make good use of his Christmas money. There have been a lot of games on offer via PS Store so I’ve been able to amass quite a library for minimal outlay, just because the PlayStation 4 is at the end of its lifetime.

Yes, of course I would like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but with so much catching up to do and a desperate seeming Microsoft throwing hundreds of games at you for £1 a month for three months, including some old favourites of mine like Fable, there’s never been a better time to look at the best games of the now-former generation. Ones you missed and ones you enjoyed enough to play again.

Me personally, I’ve got an entire Xbox One’s generation of games to catch up on and several PlayStation 4 ones that were fire-sale priced down to £12 or less. Basically, well over a year of titles to have fun with, and by the time I’m done PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles will be available for reasonable, used prices with far more great games than they do now, and less buggy firmware.

Because basically, right now those consoles are the most expensive they’ll ever be, the buggiest they’ll ever be, and with the least amount of games they’ll ever have. Why would I pay more for that just to be an early adopter, when I could just wait a while and get far more for my money?

I urge anyone who has good patience and self-control to do the same. ‘End of generation mop up’ I call it, because I’ve been doing it since the PlayStation 2 days.

By reader Gary Diamond

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