The Source |Rapper And Activist Obe Noir Shot To Death In Houston

Another life has been taken in the Hip Hop community using senseless violence, with the shooting death of rapper, activist and former professional basketball player Xavier Thompson aka Obe Noir in Houston on Monday.

According to a report from Chron, Noir, a rising rapper and community activist, was being chased in downtown Houston before the shooting occurred. “Witnesses saw Mr. Roberson running down the street after hearing gunfire in the distance,” according to the City of Houston’s report. “A vehicle drove around the block as if chasing Roberson and then stopped at the above address. Two unknown males exited the vehicle and fired shots at Roberson, who collapsed in the street.”

Regarded as the “Nipsey Hussle of East Texas”, Noir was from the same housing project as George Floyd and was well known for his creative career, entrepreneurship, and community activism.

Obe Noir and George Floyd

Obe Noir was also a professional basketball player, who enjoyed a successful career overseas. He led the Portuguese club Titanes de Barranquilla to a championship in their debut season and was voted MVP of the championship tournament in 2018.