The Source |Think Pink And Blonde-Nicki Minaj’s Gorgeous Ombre Hair Color

If you stayed up last night to watch Nicki Minaj promoting her new music live on the gram then you must know our jaws dropped because she looked absolutely stunning wearing  wearing the Vertigo jumpsuit by Fendi; her signature door knocker earrings, layers of necklaces including her iced out Barbie name chain and the hombre pink and blonde hair that is now filed under our summer hair color look to get next. 

Her custom wig and install, created by Arrogant_Tae (who has also created looks for Lala and JT of the City Girls to name a few) was a work of art.  The hombre, multi tonal look was simply striking complete with the apple cheeks that split into dimples when she smiled. The orb of peroxide-blonde hair pulled up into a tight top knot seemed to float above her head like a small sun while the roots hinted at a shade of pink that grew out of her scalp, looking absolutely beautiful. And we were here for every bit of the 32 or 40 (you tell us) inches she gave. Although this hair looks simple, creating this color should definitely be left to a professional, so if you’re a DIY girl and inspired to try it, as we are, you’ll want to be sure you’ve chosen a stylist/colorist who has mastered the art of blending two colors.  Thank you Nicki for the hair inspiration.