The Source |[WATCH] The Family of Michael Jordan Highlighted in Exclusive Clip of ‘Moment of Truth’ Docuseries

IMBD TV is set to premiere Moment of Truth, a five-part series that will highlight new compelling information on the 1993 murder of Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan.

In an Source exclusive, The Jordan Family is highlighted in an exclusive clip of Moment of Truth. The clip highlights Jordan’s journey at The University of North Carolina along with the family structure that created the best basketball player of all time.

Directed by Matthew Perniciaro and Clay Johnson, Moment of Truth gives the never-before-seen story behind the murder of Jordan and the history of social injustice in Robeson County, North Carolina, where two teenagers, Larry Demery and Daniel Green, were charged and convicted of the crime.

The film has archival footage and first-person interviews, examining the case from the initial crime to the conviction. Moment of Truth also delves into the checkered past of Robeson County, North Carolina, including law enforcement corruption exposed in “Operation Tarnished Badge” that resulted in the conviction of 22 deputies from the local sheriff’s office in 2002.

Moment of Truth premieres on IMBD TV on April 2.