The Standout Set Pieces in the ‘Saw’-lite ‘Escape Room’ [Horror Queers Podcast]

Justice for Woll.

After visiting the lovely, bitchy ladies of Sorority Row and enjoying the French countryside in Julia Ducournau’s cannibalistic debut film Raw, we’re celebrating the release of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions with a release of our exclusive Patreon episode of the original Escape Room!

In the film, six adventurous strangers (Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine and Nik Dodani) travel to a mysterious building to experience the escape room — a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000. What starts out as seemingly innocent fun soon turns into a living nightmare as the four men and two women discover each room is an elaborate trap that’s part of a sadistic game of life or death.

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Episode 134 – Escape Room (2019)

This week, we’re digging deep into the Patreon vault to discuss queer director Adam Robitel‘s Cube/Saw V sibling ‘Escape Room’ (just in time for the release of its sequel!).

We break down the actors/characters, the different rooms (#1 is obvious, but where do the other traps…er….rooms fall?) and the long, drawn-out ending of the film. You’re welcome to join us…provided that you can solve your Hellraiser-wannabe cube (or, you know, just go watch a video on YouTube)!

Cross out Escape Room!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re heading back to the classic world of Universal Monsters to revisit queer director James Whale’s better-than-the-original sequel The Bride of Frankenstein!

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