[Trailer] Battle Through Purgatory in Horror Adventure Game ‘Of Love & Eternity’; Demo Available Now

Time to dive into the itch.io pool again, as developer Acorn Bringer has announced their new horror adventure game Of Love & Eternity. The dev also unveiled a demo for the game.

Featuring a graphical style reminiscent of the grainy compressed FMV cutscenes you’d see in early PC games, in Of Love & Eternity, it turns out that you’re dead. Murdered, to be exact. As a result, your soul is left to wander the plane between life and death.

You’re not the only one, either, as your beloved has also suffered the same fate. Only by finding and reuniting with her will your souls finally move on. Of course, to find her, you’ll need to battle against spirits and other lost souls who aren’t so keen on you escaping purgatory.

According to the developer, Of Love & Eternity “has been a work of passion of mine for the past few years,” and that the demo is just a “vertical slice” of what’s to come. “There is still a lot to improve here but I feel that I have the bones to start adding to in the future. There are a total of ten parts planned with much of that content already created, however I want to know what people think of this first part so I can have a better sense of direction.”