[Trailer] ‘Dino Crisis’-Inspired ‘Compound Fracture’ Shows Off Retro Graphical Prowess in New Gameplay Video

A few months back, we told you about developers Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd and Pete Goodfellow and their upcoming Dino Crisis-inspired Survival Horror game Compound Fracture. The team recently dropped a new update in the form of a new gameplay video.

The five-minute video in question not only shows off that retro PS1-style we all know and love, but also demonstrates some “fixed” graphical options that remove the polygon wobble and texture warping that some gamers from that era hold near and dear (or don’t, hence the options).

In Compound Fracture, you take on the role of a government safety inspector doing an unannounced safety check on a company known as ChronoGas. As these things go, suspicion mounts, and before you know it, dinosaurs are running amok.

No release date of a yet, though you can wishlist the game on Steam.