[Trailer] Lovecraftian Metroidvania ‘Elderand’ Announced For PC

Another Lovecraft-inspired title is headed your way in the form of Elderand, a Metroidvania-style game from the folks at Graffiti Games and developer Mantra. Announced during the Guerilla Collective showcase, Elderand is aiming for a 2022 release on PC via Steam.

Elderand is described as both “a Lovecraftian inspired, story-driven action RPG” and “a love letter to Castlevania with modern elements”. In fact, the Steam page namedrops several horror titles such as Demon’s Souls, Blasphemous, Bloodborne and others to give you the idea if the game grabs your interest.

Not much in terms of the story has been revealed for the pixel-based title, though there’s a heavy focus on skill-based combat, as well as tons of weapons and items for you to buy and collect.

Here’s the trailer, courtesy of IGN: