[Trailer] Overhead Zombie Shooter ‘The Last Stand: Aftermath’ Heads to PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One And PC Later This Year

Those of you looking for the video game equivalent of Antonia Bird’s Ravenous will certainly be keeping an eye on Digital Hunger Team’s Dread Hunger. Not only is the title set to come out of Early Access on Steam later this Fall, but also recently had an update to its Early Access build.

Similar to other survival games such as Project Winter, the story for Dread Hunger sees you and up to seven other friends in the remote Artic trying to survive while navigating your ship past an iceberg. However, there are two Thralls amongst you, and you’ve either got to root them out as the Explorers while trying to make it out alive, or thwart their efforts as the Thralls themselves using magic or just plain ol’ murder.

As these types of games go, you’ve got in-game voice chat to help/hinder you as you go about your tasks (such as refueling the ship), or trying to determine who the guilty parties are in your midst. And yes, if and when food starts to dwindle (or has been poisoned), you might have to do the dirty deed of eating your fellow Explorers in order to keep going.

Meanwhile, the recent update to the game introduces a new map, a new character and a new weapon, along with a host of other fixes and tweaks.