[Trailer] Take Horrific Justice Into Your Own Hands in ‘Serial Hunter’ Next Year

For those who like the idea of taking justice into their own hands, S2 Games have announced Serial Hunter, a first-person perspective title that’s bound to raise a few hackles. Touted as “a brutal, uncompromising representation of the FPP genre”, according to the press release, Serial Hunter and other upcoming titles from the developer won’t shy away from controversial topics.

Serial Hunter casts you as John Doe, an investigative journalist who specializes in uncovering unsolved criminal cases. Through his contacts in the police, street informers and deduction skills, not only does the player cover the news of the criminals loitering the city’s streets, but performs a bit of vigilante justice on those whom the courts were too lenient, or for those who have eluded justice altogether .

“The truth is that someone like John Doe could very well be walking among us, amongst regular people, who day in day out hear terrible news reports, but are powerless to act” explains Mike Jadore, S2’s Game Designer, and the original creator of the game. “However controversial, Serial Hunter’s lead character is the perfect storm of social frustration, angst and anger. John believes that too often punishment is disproportionate to blame. So? He takes matters into his own hands”.

Exactly what that involves is up to you. You can either exact vengeance a la The Punisher, or have the courts handle the perpetrator. Of course, if you do choose to take matters into your own hands, John Doe has plenty of tools available.

Serial Hunter is expected for release on Steam in 2022. You can currently wishlist the game now.