‘Turbo Kid’ Prequel Comic Miniseries Arriving This September

So with Anouk WhissellFrançois Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell’s Turbo Kid getting a video game adaptation, why not throw in a new comic book to tide you over until the game’s release?

Behemoth Comics’ imprint Happy Tank will be releasing a prequel comic book series written by the directors & drawn by Turbo Kid‘s storyboard artist, Jeik Dion, this September.

Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure follows Apple as the series delves deeper into the film’s universe. You’ll be facing the Robots War and the path that led Apple on the Kid’s route!

“Working with RKSS Films on the Turbo Kid franchise brought me back when I was 8 years old, waking up before my parents, on a Saturday morning, getting ready to watch cartoons for hours. It’s exactly like that, but with way more blood,” says Dion.

Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure #1 will be available from your local
comic shop in September 2021.