Upcoming Book ‘It’s Me, Billy: Black Christmas Revisited’ Takes a Definitive Look at the Slasher Classic

Before John Carpenter’s Halloween there was Bob Clark’s Black Christmas, an early slasher film that helped lay the foundation for the eventual arrival of horror movie icons like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. After two remakes, we’ve learned this week that Black Christmas is next getting a behind-the-scenes book, set for release next year.

Written by Paul Downey and Dave Hastings, It’s Me, Billy: Black Christmas Revisited will be released by BearManor Media in 2022. You can check out the cover art below.

The team previews this week, “the definitive behind the scenes making of book delves into everything surrounding Bob Clark’s 1974 seminal festive classic.”

“Featuring brand new & archive interviews brought together for the first time ever with cast/crew, new academic insights into the film’s themes & visuals, as well as investigating the 50-year legacy of the film including in-depth explorations of the characters, the journey from concept to release, the fandom, the controversies and the numerous remakes/spinoffs, It’s Me, Billy: Black Christmas Revisited will be a true festive gift for fans of this ground-breaking and revolutionary proto-slasher.”

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