[Video] ‘Silent Hill’ Creator Keiichiro Toyama Reveals More About His Upcoming Project

It’s not Silent Hill, but Keiichiro Toyama and his Bokeh Game Studio have pulled back the curtain on his upcoming project, which from the concept art, looks to be quite disturbing. Toyama had hinted at his project a few months ago, which is aiming for a 2023 release.

The video is mainly meant as an introduction to Toyama and his history, as well as showing off the previously-mentioned concept art for the new company’s first title. While Toyama stresses that the new title won’t be a purely horror affair, it will still contain horror elements, and will be an enjoyable experience.

Toyama elaborated, saying that the new title will be darker than his recent games like Gravity Daze, but again, will be a mix of elements. Toyama points to Danganronpa as a good example of how the project will include fun elements with a mix of brutality.

Toyama also explains his vision of horror, and how it rests not on showing scary elements to the player, but making them challenge and reconsider what they consider normal. Finally, Toyama also brought up how his games often focus on a particular setting. To which he say that he’s currently inspiring himself by looking at things such as maps.

The current project is set to come to the PC.