“When Halloween Was Forever”: The Classic “Real Ghostbusters” Episode Officially Uploaded to YouTube!

Beginning this year, classic episodes of “The Real Ghostbusters” are being uploaded to the official Ghostbusters YouTube channel each and every Saturday, with episodes of “Extreme Ghostbusters” arriving on Wednesdays. The latest episode of the original animated series to be uploaded is “When Halloween Was Forever,” a true classic fondly remembered by fans.

The 8th episode of Season 1, “When Halloween Was Forever” first aired November 1, 1986.

In the Halloween-themed episode, “The spirit of Halloween is released from his centuries-old prison and seeks to make Halloween last forever by stopping time.”

The episode marked the franchise debut of Samhain, an iconic Ghostbusters villain who later appeared in a subsequent episode of “The Real Ghostbusters” with a Halloween theme.

Relive the glory of “When Halloween Was Forever” below!