Woman losing hair ‘in brush-loads’ months after fighting Covid

Julie Plumley’s hair has got thinner and thinner after her bout with Covid (Picture: BNPS)

A fit and healthy woman is losing her hair ‘in brush-loads’ as she recovers from a serious case of Covid.

Julie Plumley, 58, enjoyed an active lifestyle running a charity farm in Dorset before she was struck down with the virus in November.

Her condition deteriorated and she was taken to hospital, where she ended up in intensive care.

After agreeing to take part in a drugs trial, Julie’s health thankfully improved and she was moved out of the ICU within two days.

She was allowed home after two weeks, but three months later she started losing her hair.

Julie said: ‘Doctors said it is fairly common after a trauma and it does seem to be a long-term effect of Covid.

‘I can only hope it will grow back. They said there’s no reason why it shouldn’t but there’s not enough people going through it yet so they don’t know.

‘I had shoulder-length hair but I cut it to my chin when it started coming out.

Julie, who runs a charity farm in Dorset, enjoyed a healthy lifestyle before she was struck down with the virus (Picture: BNPS)

‘It’s not patches but has just been coming out in a brush-load and is getting thinner and thinner.

She added: ‘The doctors said there’s nothing you can do except try not to be stressed.

‘It’s just horrible, it takes your identity away. But I know I am really lucky to be alive.

‘People need to realise it’s not just a flu and it can affect people like me who are fit and healthy.

‘The only time I had ever been in hospital was to have my son 32 years ago.

‘I didn’t have a cough or anything, it just happened suddenly and I thought I was having a heart attack.’

Julie said she went ‘downhill really quickly’ and it got to the point where she telling her husband what to do if she dies.

‘My body was sort of shutting down,’ she said. ‘The doctors said “we can’t stop what your body is doing”. I had no oxygen in my blood but they weren’t really sure why.

‘I just want people to be careful, it’s not all over yet and people need to think of everybody else, not themselves.’

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