World of Warcraft Shadowlands to boost Fallen Charger mount drop rates

World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ 9.1 patch, titled Chains of Domination, was released to a lukewarm reception. This is especially concerning considering it took an exceedingly long time to release.

However, Blizzard at least seems to be willing to listen to its player base regarding some things. They increased the drop rate for the Fallen Charger mount. It drops from the rare elite mob of the same name. This mob spawns in different areas of The Maw depending on the current ongoing assault. This change is due to some significant player backlash.

A patch came into World of Warcraft last July 15 that makes the mount three times more likely to drop. Blizzard’s official post states: “However, there’s a growing sense of frustration for many as the mount currently feels like something that requires repeated and constant grinding in Group Finder.”

Additionally, the updates are:

  • It will now drop an appropriate amount of Maw loot, such as Stygia, Ve’nari Reputation, and a chance for a Korthian Armament.
  • It will now incur the daily loot lockout when you kill it.
  • We’ve increased the drop chance of the Reins of the Fallen Charger by 3x.

It is good at least, to see Blizzard responding to the concerns of its player base. This is amidst the recent surge in popularity of its biggest rival, Final Fantasy XIV. Despite this, however, the king of MMOs will need to do much more to keep its crown.

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