WWE: Kofi Kingston on ‘hand of God’ saving him from Shockmaster moment

Kofi had a near miss during a star-making moment (Photo: WWE)

WWE superstar Kofi Kingston has revealed how one of his career highlights was very nearly his most embarrassing.

The former world champion – who challenges Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title on tonight’s Money In The Bank show – recalled the moment he was trashing Randy Orton’s prized custom Nascar on Raw when he almost fell on his backside during the intense segment.

He exclusively told Metro.co.uk: ‘I poured all the paint on his car, I broke the glass which they told me wasn’t gonna break, and then I go to slam the bucket as the exclamation point.

‘Like, “You’ve never looked better”, and I slam it on the thing and as soon as I do, I slip! I’m like, “Whoa, here it goes! Live TV! I’m done, this is my career!” And somehow, by the hand of God, he reached out and stabled me and said, “No, you’re OK.”

‘I just stabilised myself and I touched the top the Nascar and gave this menacing look. Now, that’s become of one my career highlights that a lot of people remember.

‘But it could’ve very well been a Shockmaster moment! And then, who knows? I might not be here right now!’

Of course, wrestling fans remember Shockmaster’s infamous and unfortunate debut all too well, when the former former Tugboat (Fred Ottman) tripped and lost his mask during his WCW debut as everyone broke character and laughed on air.

Kofi has managed to avoid anything too mortifying, despite another close call during a match against Legacy’s Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes and Manu.

‘Manu used to put bottles of oil on his body for every match, he would be so greasy. There was one time where I’m in the middle of a comeback, he’s on the ground, and somehow he had bumped in the ring,’ he remembered.

‘So, I go to hit the Boom Drop, I hit the ropes and then I go to stop on a dime like I normally do but I slipped on his baby oil. I was like, “Oh no!” It felt like it was forever to me, watching the tape back it was probably only .8 seconds!

‘But I thought I was gonna fall. Can you imagine, the pinnacle for of the match, getting out there, yes! This is finally my time, “we’ve finally got Kofi”, and I slip on my signature move?! Then what?!’

WWE star Kofi Kingston posing in the ring

Kofi insists he doesn’t get embarrassed (Picture: WWE)

Despite the near-misses, the highly decorated star – who counts three United States Titles, four Intercontinental Titles, one WWE Title and a combined 13 tag team title runs among his impressive haul – insisted he simply doesn’t get embarrassed.

‘If I say something that’s supposedly embarrassing, oh well, I’m a human being! If I do something, it’s a mistake – it’s OK,’ he laughed. ‘If I mess up in the ring, it’ll move on, life’ll move on! I’ll move on!’

That mentality crosses over to his in-ring career and successes too, with Kofi focusing on his own performances and role rather than worrying too much about booking decisions and more – including having to wait almost two years for a WWE Championship match since losing to Brock Lesnar in a matter of seconds.

‘It took me 11 years to get the first chance, you know what I’m saying? If anyone knows how long it can take to get a title shot, it’s me,’ he said. ‘I’ve never really focused on that.

WWE superstars Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley battle on Monday Night Raw

Kofi faces Lashley tonight at Money In The Bank (Photo: WWE)

‘I did, maybe, early in my career. But as time went on, if I sit there and focus on, “Why, why, why am I not getting this,” I’m coming to work miserable everyday and I’m not focusing on what I’m supposed to be doing!

‘I wanna focus on the task at hand. I wanna focus on what’s in front of me, that’s all I can control – me, going out and having the best performance I can possible have.’

He has a confidence that it’ll be worth it, and as he approaches an all-important clash with Lashley at Money In The Bank, Kingston is ready to reach out and seize and opportunity with both hands.

‘I can’t control what matches I’m supposed to have, where I am in the card. I don’t have any control over that! None of us do, so I can’t focus on that and waste energy and be mad about that,’ he said.

‘The cream has a funny way of rising to the top. Your opportunity will come, and even if it takes over a decade for it to come – I’m glad it didn’t take another decade!

‘I don’t sit here and just expect things. I really just focus on climbing the ladder where I’m at.’

*WWE Money In The Banks airs tonight (July 18) at 1am on the WWE Network and BT Sport Box Office.

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